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Why Sustainable Packaging is a way towards conservation

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Sustainability means to sustain for a long period of time without creating problems like depletion of natural resources. When we talk about conservation, we need to have a holistic approach towards the major problem that nature is going through. Preservation is not just limited to conserving environment, it is much more than that.

With an increased awareness, people and organizations have started opting for more eco-friendly goods and are beginning to understand the importance of sustainable packaging. Be it a FMCG or any products, it is being incorporated in every possible manner.

Following are the benefits of sustainable packaging :

1. Reduces carbon footprint:

Companies like Uflex uses technologies, which helps in minimalizing waste in the environment. Also they have all in-house waste management system in which used or decayed packaging materials are recycled and ploughed back into life cycle, thus reducing air pressure and decreasing carbon releasing particles.

2. Easy to dispose:

Being in an era where every organization is contributing to various ecofriendly cause. Every organization should use either compost or recyclable packaging material. Doing this will give clear clarity to consumers about its usage and recyclability.

3. Biodegradable:

Sustainable packaging not only reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact, but is also favorable after it has served its purpose. For example, a consumer after receiving his courier, can throw or convert that box into lantern or something creative. Having bio degradable box can be easily decomposed by soil, especially if it is made up of compost.

4. Pliant:

Eco-friendly packing is pretty handy and can be re-purposed in major industry like FMCG, where polymer packaging is prominent among meat and food industry. The benefit of polymer packaging is that it can be used again and again.

5. Helps in creating positive brand image:

Environment-friendly packaging creates a good brand impression of the company as it displays the constructive role of an organization towards nature. A recent study by Dotcomm Distribution, which was conducted on 500 million online consumers, shows 57% consumers favor sustainable packaging, while 61% consumers take sustainable packaging before shopping.

Keeping all the factors above in mind, shifting to eco-friendly packaging can anticipate consumer demands for biodegradable supplier and help organizations in this space for better brand recall.





Last modified: September 5, 2018

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