Can we wear sandals in the office?

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Fashion credibility requires, our wardrobe requires a certain flexibility of style if we do not want to appear too predictable. To start the back to school on the right foot, heeled sandals are part of the office locker room. Our advice on how to wear them without risking a layoff.

The  sandals heeled, some consider the pareo foot, have achieved a growth style reconciling sophisticated appearance and practical suitability. Able to walk the asphalt while infusing a little relaxation in our street clothes, this shoe is sufficiently qualified to be the new recruit of a professional wardrobe for the less relaxed. Here, some instructions for a successful integration “off the beaten” into the workplace.

Heeled sandals: their stylistic skills

At the sight of the slightest ray of sunshine, the desire to flaunt your pretty pedicure is more tempting than ever. If the Denim Sandals  has some summer tones, it must be said that it is just as practicable from spring to autumn.

In the office, to fight against the routine (sartorial) which installs very easily, heeled sandals know how to perfect your range of shoes. Sublimated by a thin ankle strap and over the toe, heeled sandals are an irresistible and highly glamorous accessory. The trick is to break that sophistication with a little more casual pieces in your wardrobe. Wear your heeled sandals with jeans, a skirt or even Bermuda shorts for an immediate trendy effect.

Sandals in the office: mistakes to avoid?

As a reminder: no job, except those that must be done on a beach, bears a benevolent gaze on wearing flip – flops . Reserve these for your paid vacation. In addition, sandals with dizzying heels are not recommended. There’s no good reason to be overlooked in the office, but this one isn’t a catwalk . For those who still want to gain a lot of height, prefer models with wedges or thick heels, which pair easily with any room in a formal wardrobe while ensuring you a certain stability in your daily run. against the watch.

Sandals at the office: how to wear them?

In the exercise of its new stylistic functions, the pair of stylo shoes must have an impeccable presentation: favor classic models, of good quality, limited to two colors maximum and devoid of any stylistic fantasy like pearls , fringes , pompoms or nails.

To stay pro, bet on leather rather than plastics and favor models that cover the foot on the surface, to appear more dressed. If your work dress code is rather strict, you can opt for a closed front and open back.

Another condition, and not the least: the feet must be particularly cared for . On the varnish side, those who like colors will have to limit themselves to red. The others will go with a pretty nude or a light pink.

Can we wear sneakers in the office?

In the workplace, the athletic shoe has acquired new stylistic skills by reforming its somewhat neglected appearance for a deceptively relaxed look. No longer to be limited to casual Friday.

Since the sportswear wave swept over the catwalks, to better invade the daily locker room, athletic sneakers , once relegated to weekend activities, are now busy at the office on Monday morning. This is where they offer the most effective stylistic performance, by making the very formal work uniform less dramatic. Our tips for wearing them without costing you a warning.


For a time dismissed, by dint of violating the dress code of the company, the pair of sneakers is now allowed in the open-space, as long as it respects the clauses of its style contract: impeccably laced, classic in design and marked by a certain sobriety. Also switch off the running shoes which show, here, a total stylistic incompetence. Another reason for sanction: acquaintances with colleagues in the street wear industry such as the hoodie and the infrequent tracksuit.

At work, access to sneakers is subject to proper attire, which begins with the choice of materials (patent leather, mat, or even plain textiles), impeccable cleanliness and good support. And to clearly ensure your function as a working girl, multiply your collaborations with the conventional trouser suit (which you can wear as a mismatch to cultivate the casual side), the conscientious pencil skirt , or even the usual raw jeans – to try only if you have the dress of your sector of activity … To dress the rest of the silhouette, a shirt or a blouse should allow you to keep the professional appearance.

Last modified: June 16, 2021

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