Jewellery that will sparkle 2016 by Motisons Jewellers

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2016 has almost passed its two foremost months and as the summer is about to hit us, we take a look at the jewellery trends which are gonna sparkle in the year ahead. Motisons Jewellers, the brand from the traditional hub of India Jaipur, has named the following as what 2016 will see, from gilded headbands to one-sided earrings for every woman bold and beautiful.

Motisons Jewellers

Motisons Jewellers

Headbands: These will be defining the year as metallic headbands will be the thingy.

Industrial chick look: As we live in post-modern apocalyptic age, adding an industrial look to jewellery will be cool, says Motisons Jewellers. Chain links, hardware, buckles and what not in burnished silver can become necklaces, bracelets, wrist bands, and earrings.

Collar bone necklace: These may be seen in 2016 often, says Motisons. Below the choker necklace and above the décolletage, collar bone necklaces can be flattering for the upcoming year.

Ear Candy: 2016 spring will see designers experimenting with all the shades of the VIBGYOR for statement earrings. So, be courageous to pick your favorite shade, be it sapphire or scarlet, and experiment with it the way you like.

Multiple necklaces: Motisons Jewellers can foresee a trend that will move beyond single pendant and will fetch a long story in the neck. So go for multiple this 2016.

Bold earrings: Go the bohemian way and choose a pair of earrings that speak for your free spiritedness.

Bold bangles: Bangles are back with a bang. Choose to go bold with them and that will be your statement for the year.

One-sided affairs: Go for one-sided earrings or a pair which doesn’t match, says Motisons Jewellers, as matchy matchy is so 2015!

Last modified: February 19, 2016

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