Zedpack asserts non-woven bags are helping in keeping Mother Earth green

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non-woven bagsNon-woven polypropylene eco-friendly and reusable bags are made from bonded, recycled plastic fibers. Zedpack, a leading packaging solutions provider, says non-woven bags are popular for its durability and quality. The bags are now a trend in the market, and people like to use them.

Buying these bags means supporting the environmental cause, besides carrying a trendy bag.

You can easily differentiate between the bags by looking at them. All you need to ensure is look inside it, if you see the threads running across at 90 degrees, it is woven but if you see a steady textured look, certainly it is one you were looking for.

As per the research team of Zedpack, using the wrong quality reusable shopping bag will do more harm to nature than low quality plastic bags. You will not only fail to honor your commitment to protect the environment but also harm your health. In order to make sure that the deliverable is of fine quality, Zedpack ensures a high level of customization, gives value for money and offers flexibility in style, color, and design.

With growing environmental concerns, reusable bags are certainly the need of the hour, and these bags have already reduced the environmental concerns to quite an extent. The food quality concern associated with packaging in the low quality plastic has also reduced, which earlier lead to serious health concerns, such as food poisoning, caused due to contamination of food and other bacterial activities.

Moreover, with the change in the market trends every now and then, people keep looking for something fashionable. One such way to go about the transformation is to opt for Zepack’s non-woven bags. Obviously, everyone needs a bag in the workplace and these simple looking bags offer a wide variety of color range to choose from, alongside its portable nature.

“This expansion in the shopping industry is not a one-day effort. People only understood with time the importance of what to reuse and what to refuse.” Says a Zedpack official. Also, a study of non-woven fabric concludes that the market for non-woven fabric was valued at 26.3 billion in 2015 and is estimated to grow at 8.5% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2016-2025. With the number continuously growing, the future of Non- woven bags is safe.

Besides, these fabrics have also made it across different industries and are in huge demand because of their durability. Mostly required in construction, geotextile, and automotive industries in India, non -woven industry is the fastest growing segment and has a bright future ahead.


Last modified: April 10, 2018

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