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There are less market stores which work on farm-to-fork approach. This model guarantees the freshness of perishable items by utilizing the time and every single accessible asset by providing various opportunities to the farmers for their diligent work. Hyderabad based Heritage Fresh is such service provider which not only uses this methodology in its operations, but also works towards resourcefulness of all the perishable items. It is satisfying its customer base across 70 stores in Bangalore and Chennai apart from its home ground, Hyderabad.

Heritage Fresh is a retail chain owned by Heritage Foods, which is the biggest private division journal endeavor in South India. The guardian association, Heritage Groups was founded by Shri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu in 1992, with the end goal to spread happiness and promote health amongst Indian masses.

At the point when Heritage Fresh was set up just about 9 years back, individuals knew it with the name Fresh @ whose first store was opened in Hyderabad only.

When it comes to Heritage Foods Owners, the most renowned name people come across is Jagadish Krishnan, who is the Chief Operating Officer of Retail and Bakery Division at Heritage Foods Limited. He is contributing from the last 8 years in making the organization a successful endeavor subsequent to his joining.

Majority of sales of the Heritage Foods originates from perishable items including dairy, fruits and vegetables. Heritage Fresh has made an exceptional back-end interest in perishable sector as it has put more than Rs 300 crore in its retail business till now. The Heritage Fresh’s turnover was Rs 327 crore in financial year 2012-2013 which is expected to cross Rs 400 crore before the end of current fonancial year.

Relationship Farming is the engagement model of farm-to-fork concept. This methodology spins around the development of farmers and progress of the same which is possible by providing them resourceful inputs. It likewise focuses on enhancing the productivity of farms along with farmers. After that the farmers are free to offer their products to Heritage Fresh or their preferred retailer.

Last modified: November 21, 2015

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