Make your monsoon delicious with Bikanervala

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So, Monsoon is here: the much awaited rains which bring along rejuvenation, festivity and cheers. But what we love the most is the hot and sizzling food which we can savor while the rains fall against our windows. And for us Indians, monsoon without hot and crispy samosas is not monsoon at all!

BikanervalaBikanervala has all that you will need to make your monsoon yummy and memorable. With our exotically Indian range of samosas, pyaaz kachoris, paneer pakoras, paneer cutlets, you will never run short of occasions for celebrations. And more than that, you will never run short of delicious delicacies. Our freshly fried matar kachoris and matar samosas will never let your monsoons get soggy.

There is a special beauty (and yeah, taste) in the combination of rains and tea. A cardamom or cinnamon flavored tea is all you will need with the fried delicacies as we treat you!

As monsoon comes with a baggage of restraint towards eating food not cooked at homes, Bikanervala makes doubly sure that the food we serve you is cooked with even better than home-like cleanliness. We take all measures for keeping you healthy while you enjoy our delicacies in the midst of monsoon.

Last modified: September 21, 2015

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Make your monsoon delicious with Bikanervala

  1. Avatar Raadhika khanna says:

    Bikanervala is a perfect delight when you are totally hungry and all you want is lots of yummy food. My all time favorite whenever I am with my friends. Easy to pocket, hygienic and absolutely delicious food.

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