• Won Rs 2 Lakh in weekly tournament of RummyCircle
    11:47 AM

    I have keen interest in playing rummy but didn’t know much about the game. I had tried the practice sessions of various rummy games but could not successfully take up their tournaments due to lack of proper knowledge.  I read the instructions from “how to play section” but had certain

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  • Don’t get me started on RummyCircle!
    11:10 AM

    As my addiction to card games and online Rummy has taken a toll over this platform, I would like to share my experience on one of the fine online rummy portals which I planned to explore a few days back and got caught in its trap. On a genuine advice of

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  • Rummy: From physical’s striving past to digitization’s thriving present
    11:08 AM

    Card games have always been my weakness, especially Rummy and Online Rummy is just a cherry on the top. The knight inside me gets curious whenever the cards are dealt. People often ask me if am an addict to this bad habit, which shocks me that why people have this delusion about such an art? It certainly went through

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  • Why is Online Rummy better than Physical?
    4:30 PM

    In the last two decades, the whole world went through so many virtual changes that we can say an internet revolution made things not only accessible for rest of the world but a better user experience was preferred while mending things and bringing every possible element over the internet. From shopping to teaching, from

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  • Online Card Games for Children not bad at all!
    4:42 PM

    Card games are something which spoils your innocent side. Right? Well, don’t be surprised to know that you are wrong this time. There is no lack of card games, especially computer and online card games which are played by numerous kids around the world, where reasons vary from learning math to sharpening the memory

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    6:22 AM

    Mortal Kombat X has been officially announced for a 2015 release with a new trailer showing off an incredibly atmospheric battle between the iconic Scorpion and Sub-Zero. The trailer, which you can see below, looks absolutely incredible. A number of key features were shown off, including the return of personal

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  • 5 games that broke the meta in 2014
    11:06 AM

    The year 2014 has been good to gaming. We’ve seen Ubisoft’s newest entries in the Assassin’s Creed Series, Unity and Rogue, (and seen them release, piled high with glitches). We’ve seen Bethesda’s The Evil Within redefining the Japanese horror-action genre, and also offbeat titles like Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve Together

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