IVF and egg freezing: Best medical interventions to help you with motherhood options

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Although IVF is meant to draw patients who’ve had failed attempts at pregnancy, it is also a good option for women who want to plan their pregnancy better. If you’re thinking about having kids, IVF and egg freezing are some of the most successful forms of fertility medical intervention.

For most patients facing infertility, their gynecologist office is the place where their journey begins, and here is where the critical role of expert embryologists such as Dr Goral Gandhi, Dr Klein, etc., starts. “The bedrock to form the trust with the patients that come by our clinic is being transparent and guiding them with your best abilities.” Dr Goral Gandhi says that IVF has been increasingly opted due to its glaring achievements. “IVF treatment helps patients circumvent a variety of fertility problems, from diminished ovarian reserve to problems with sperm quality or tubal infertility, etc. It has shown clinically impressive results in helping patients achieve a healthy pregnancy,” she explains.

Recognizing that an embryologist is essential to the process of treating infertility, associating yourself with experts early seems like the appropriate option to considerably increase your options and chances at pregnancy.

IVF and Egg Freezing

Infertility might be triggered by today’s social or physical milieu, and therefore, women are increasingly opting for egg freezing as a means to preserve their fertility. That may seem like a stretch, but elective egg freezing, is also an increasingly appealing option for young women who want to extend their childbearing window.

Dr Goral Gandhi, who has helped women have better planned pregnancies through the process says, “Although women likely have kids before they’re 40, but we now see them willing to resuscitate their fertility in case they don’t.”

Cryopreservation banks at the IVF clinics in mumbai are increasingly being occupied with women opting to extend their fertility. The process of extracting eggs isn’t that different from a typical clinic—the procedure takes 15 minutes (patients usually undergo twilight anesthesia) and an embryologist freezes them.

Furthermore, early egg retrieval also works for younger women with premature ovarian aging (POA). With technology advances today, IVF team is able to offer robust, much-better-than-assumed pregnancy chances  using patients’ own eggs.

Talking about the empowering effect of making the decision, Klein, an IVF expert adds, “Women aren’t here to get a ticket to a baby, per se, but to achieve a certain peace of mind that comes with the idea of preserving your options.”

Also, the practice of egg freezing isn’t for everyone. However, now there are reliable markers for assessing a woman’s ovarian reserve. Depending on the levels of certain reproductive hormones as well as the antral follicular count, an informed decision should be taken as far as egg freezing and preservation of fertility is concerned.

Last modified: October 23, 2019

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