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AMCC - Alternative medicines vs Allopathic MedicinesAlternative Medicine refers to a system which bears a difference from the widely followed conventional medicine. It is in contrast with the allopathic system. Allopathy consists of an art of labeling, called ‘diagnosis’ and is held in very high esteem. Medical diagnosis simply allows a doctor to link the set of symptoms of a patient to a disease. Widely used method for this is a team differential and tests conducted on the patients to verify the presence of a disease. By doing this, doctors get a line of sight to follow. They treat the disease in order to get rid of the symptoms. This simplifies the process of treating a patient. But AMCC Calcutta reveres alternate medicine as more effective as compared to the conventional diagnostic methods.

Symptoms are the resultant of an internal pathological process. If the cause is not removed, as soon as the medication is stopped, the symptoms will re-appear. This is exactly what allopathic medicines largely do. They suppress the symptoms and present the disease as treated where as in reality; the underlying condition still remains uncured and resurfaces after a while. Holistic medicinal approach focuses on the cause of a disease and work towards eliminating that. So it isn’t like if you stop taking the medicines after a while, then the disease will reappear. Alternate Medicine techniques remove the disease from the root and do not cause dependence.

It, in fact, liberates you; by removing the causes, it sets you free from symptoms, from drugs, from disability, from suffering and from dependence on healthcare practitioners. In the conventional system, patients run around from one doctor to another, undergoing various tests, many of which are futile and wanton. As per AMCC, the patient is a whole unit encompassing body, mind and soul, and must be treated as such. Holistic system uncovers the original contributory factors to current problems including the exact cause of the condition that presents itself – and the precise way that the body chooses to benefit most from treatment.

AMCC Calcutta provides you Alternative Medicine Courses.

Last modified: October 7, 2015

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