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Initiated in the year 1991, Alternative Medical Council Calcutta (AMCC) aims to deliver an alternative approach to the process of healing. AMCC propagates a culture of diverse medical care systems, practices and products through its various educational institutions as well as by running awareness drives which promote alternative medicine as ways of prevention to various diseases. AMCC has developed its healthcare systems in the field of Holism. This holistic approach is centered on the notion of state of wholeness of the body. Enabling a prompt-damage-escape, alternative medicine helps tap the inner energy which heals the body and its environment. AMCC aims at delivering this alternate route to health to masses.
AMCC has a bifold mission of educating the ailing humanity about improved health options as its first half and educating the globe about the natural healing process possessed by one and all as the other half. AMCC promotes the ways which help one tap the energy of the soul as a viable option towards healing.
AMCC spreads the word through over a hundred colleges throughout the world which are affiliated with the institution and through practitioners who pass out from these colleges. AMCC also offers online health and medicine courses which facilitate people in joining health care facilities which could also be as a faculty member.
AMCC provides holistic education in any and all areas of natural health. The study curriculum of AMCC emphasizes on basic and quantitative understanding of Holism and pathophysiologic processes. With its range of regular, online and distant courses in over a hundred subjects, the institute aspires to enlarge the community of people who seek and study alternative medicine.

Last modified: February 16, 2017

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