5 Common bone problems in children

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There are several orthopaedic problems that may occur in children, caused by congenital malformations, developmental or acquired disorders, injuries, poor posture and even insufficient nutrition. The problems need to be detected and treated early, suggests Dr Ashwani Maichand, one of the leading orthopaedists in Delhi. According to him, delaying the treatment can prove to be very dangerous for children, which makes it important to take necessary action.

Here are some of the common bone problems in children:

  1. Flat feet: Babies are born with flat feet and develop arches later, which is a normal procedure. But, when they fail to develop arches after a few years, the condition is known as flat feet. It does not always require treatment. But, if a child feels pain around the area concerned, he may require treatment for a particular duration.
  2. Toe Walking: When a child is learning to walk, he is likely to walk on his toes. But, after a couple of years, most of the children start to walk normally. If a child keeps walking on his toes even after attaining the age of 3 years, then there is an orthopaedic problem with the child, known as toe walking. This condition requires treatment. Quite often, physical therapies are enough to cure this.
  3. Bowleggedness: The legs of a child may appear to be bowed at first sight, which is because of their position inside the womb. But, they straighten out with age. However, in some cases, the legs remain bowed due to the deficiency of vitamins, genetic conditions and bone disorders. In these cases, Dr Ashwani Maichand recommends visiting an orthopaedic specialist before it turns into a major problem.
  4. Pigeon toes: Also known as intoeing, it is a condition which is characterized with the feet turning inward while walking. This condition can be caused by things like femoral anteversion or internal tibial torsion. Most of the children don’t require the treatment as they develop a better muscle control and coordination with time.
  1. Broken bones: This is a common orthopaedic problem among the children. While running or playing, the children tend to fall on rough surfaces, causing broken bones. These falls can lead to major orthopaedic problems. So, at the time of injury, it is important to check if the child is experiencing pain, which may require quick attention. In some cases, there are some visual changes to a body part after the accident, which also needs to be cured as soon as the injury happens.

There are many other orthopaedic problems which are common among the children. All the problems must be addressed at the right time, suggests Dr Maichand. He advises that the importance of treatment at the right time is paramount, and there are dangerous consequences of delaying the same.


Last modified: May 11, 2018

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