Parmjit Arora’s Health Biotech Spear-Heading R&D in Novel Drugs

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A panel of leading pharmaceutical company CEOs informed the gathered crowd and media at the 20th edition of BIOASIA23 about the possibility of an India-made novel drug being approved in the U.S. by 2030. The current decade is being called ‘India’s Decade’ in the pharmaceutical world because of the exponential growth in production, distribution and R&D. In addition, India has repeatedly proven itself to be an ally to the world in the occurrence of catastrophic disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic and the quakes of Syria and Turkey. Leading Indian pharma companies, including Cipla, Dr Reddy’s and Parmjit Arora’s Health Biotech, are making incredible strides in researching and developing novel drugs.

What Are Novel Drugs?

Novel drugs are distinguished from conventional drugs by the concentration of drug exposure. The existing drug delivery system is bound to cause an immediate release and disclosure of the drug volume, often resulting in fluctuating plasma drug levels. The novel drugs are exposed to the diseased tissues within the therapeutic window, which makes it a safer and more effective delivery system.

Parmjit Arora’s Health Biotech has two novel drug technologies: Nano-particle based and Liposomal drug formulation. Both of these technologies are developed to result in increased drug bioavailability and reduced harmful side effects. Nano-particles are targeted as the delivery system for small or large molecules by causing a transformation in their pharma-co-kinetic and pharma-co-dynamic properties. They’re utilized to enhance stability against enzyme degradation and observe the effects of the drug on the targeted tissue. On the other hand, Liposomes are suitable drug delivery systems due to their versatile biophysical and physiochemical behaviours that help address delivery targets efficiently.

The Health Biotech Director sees novel drugs as the promising future of the pharmaceuticals sector, improving the efficacy and providing a more targeted drug delivery. Health biotech possesses a diversified portfolio of over 7000 products already in the running, which are bringing value addition to the world and aiding humanity globally.

India: A Pharmaceutical Leader

India’s healthcare and pharmaceutical infrastructure is advancing rapidly, and by 2030, it is supposed to achieve the pinnacle with a massive capital valuation. Novel drug development is the key focus of several Indian pharma developers right now, and an Indian production chain of drugs contains excellent possibilities in terms of invention and business.

Looking at how Indian pharma companies like Parmjit Arora’s Health Biotech are progressing in creating an eco-system that can bridge the existing gaps, a novel drug in the U.S. by 2030 looks like an achievable goal. Also, with the improvisation programs introduced by the Indian government for the R&D in pharmaceuticals in a budget carefully drafted to enhance the industry’s business, the sector is bound to move at an accelerated pace to be the world’s leading healthcare provider.

Last modified: March 15, 2023

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