Thinking of getting a Knee Replacement Surgery? Watch out for these signs, says Orthopaedicians at MGS Hospital

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Knee replacement surgery has become commonplace in India. The surgery is performed on nearly 6 lakh people annually. Also known as Total Knee Replacement Surgery, the process includes cutting away damaged bone, cartilage, and a ligament. Then the ortho specialists substitute it with an artificial metal and plastic joint.

A top Orthopaedic Surgeon at MGS Hospital says, “A new knee gives a new lease of life to someone who has undergone massive pain and immobility in the past.”

Orthopaedic surgeons at MGS Hospital suggest you to look out for these four major signs.

 Knee Pain

Knee pain can hit you in many ways. Continuous pain or a throbbing discomfort on your knee every now and then could be the signs. You could also be suffering from ‘payback pain’, in which you feel unbearable discomfort or stiffness during any physical activity. It’s best to visit a doctor if your knee pain impend your daily chores.


Swelling of the knee or a change in the shape can lead to trouble. Inflammation around the knee is indicative of knee issues. Consult an orthopaedic surgeon at the earliest.

 Lack of mobility

Do you feel you have not been able to walk or move your leg with ease due to knee pain? Inability to bend your knee could be the first sign that you need medical attention. Visit an experienced orthopaedic surgeon to let him examine your condition.

 Lifestyle changes

An increasing dependence on walking aids is not normal. Talk to an orthopaedician if you have been having difficulty walking or climbing chairs. Besides this, don’t ignore small things like trouble getting in or out of chairs, standing for a long duration to do household chores or while gardening, and so on.

Experienced ortho experts from MGS Hospital say that every knee problem doesn’t have to be corrected with a full knee replacement surgery. Non-surgical methods, including medication, ointments, steroid shots, physiotherapy, nutritional supplements and weight loss can mitigate knee problems too. To know more about Total Knee Replacement Surgery, visit  and book a consultation session.

Last modified: March 25, 2017

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Thinking of getting a Knee Replacement Surgery? Watch out for these signs, says Orthopaedicians at MGS Hospital

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