Modi Builders Review Some Vastu Tips For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen being an important part of the house, the concepts of Vastu ventures to upgrade the kitchen’s aura, keeping in mind certain fundamental components. For example, the placement of kitchen, directions of the windows and entryways in the kitchen, area of the kitchen in the house, position of electronic devices, gas cylinder, fridge and even the washbasin. Experts from Modi Builders suggest some vastu tips for your kitchen.

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Placement Of Kitchen In The House

Make sure that your kitchen isn’t placed just next to the washroom. Furthermore, in multi-story abodes, ensure that the kitchen is never built beneath a lavatory.

South-East Corner For The Kitchen

Placing the kitchen in the south-east corner of the house is a perfect option. Otherwise, another alternative is the northwest area of the house. According to Modi Builders Feedback, The south-east corner is perceived as the best as the components of fire head towards this direction. Thus, it is the best alternative for placing the kitchen.

Placement Of Gas Stove

The cooking gas is almost as essential as the placement of the kitchen in the house. Therefore, it too should be in the south-east direction. This is because when a person cooks food they should be facing to the east only.

Place The Sink And Taps Away From The Cooking Gas

Basins and taps in the kitchen signify streaming water. They ought to be set in the north-east direction and far from the cooking stove because fire and water are converse components and they repulse each other.

Placement Of The Refrigerator

If the refrigerator is placed within the kitchen, then it must be kept in the south-west direction, but a foot away from the corner. Try not to place it in the north-east direction.

Adhering to vastu tips for kitchen ensures good health and protects you and your family from all negative vibes – emerging from kitchen – and thus you must take the required action to execute vastu for your kitchen.

Last modified: June 14, 2017

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