Can famous smartphone brands capture smart TV market in India?

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One thing that never fails to attract us at an electronics store is the sight of big flashing TVs as most of the showrooms nowadays like to exhibit a variety of TVs, with size and brands positioned in a very voguish manner. Providing us with different entertainment mediums like movies, soap operas, sports, TVs have found their place in almost every household.It has been an interesting journey as some of us have grown up in an era where the television was of cuboidal shape with BPL, Videocon and some of the prominent brands featured yesteryear shows like Shaktiman, Malgudi Days, among others. However, thanks to the cultural globalization and technology advancement, the television industry over the years has improved quite well, which in turn has led to the evolution of programs offering variety of options, fulfilling everyone’s entertainment needs. This has led to the introduction of TVs which are of a slick flat panel with high-definition display.

There is a wide collection of Smart TVs available in the market, offering the consumers a lot to choose from. Many top Indian electronic brands have made use of this opportunity to gain a greater share of the viewing time of users. One of the recent go at the smart TVs has been the launch of a new series of “Google- certified” Android TV, to help users create a connected home environment.

TV is considered as the biggest category for the Chinese consumer electronics brands after the smartphones. However, due to the bans imposed by the US on few of the Chinese brands, the doors have opened up for another Asian giant, India to take the charge. In this context, Smartphone makers have ventured as they currently face very few entry barriers.

With an aim to catch the maximum attention of the users, the move by the electronic consumer brands can build a better smart TV market in India. However, we would have to wait and watch on how they fare in this expanding market scenario.


Last modified: November 2, 2020

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