Haldiram Nagpur Mouthwatering Winter Treat

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William Blake once said, “In seed-time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy”. But how can one enjoy in such weather, whose teeth bite and tail lashes?Well, there is someone out there who cares for you and ready to give you and your body, a heartwarming treat so that you can literally enjoy the strolling weather. Haldiram’s launched its special winter range of laddu, gajak and barfi, which will refresh your old memories and you will find that your grandma and mother used to play this role which Haldiram Nagpur is playing today.
Taste of winters lies in Indian snacks and sweets, not because they are traditional and our taste buds are habitual to it, rather it reminds you of good old days. Those carefree days when gajak was the only thing for which you could do anything; those carefree days when till laddu were part of a celebration, those carefree days when you used to cheat on your sibling for dry fruits and those carefree days when gond laddu, khajur and anjeer barfi could not be found in the same box, just within a week of their purchase.
Well, Haldiram Nagpur will send you back on a trip to your childhood memories by offering you a huge range of all the aforementioned delights and a few mix box ranges. You will be glad to find that happiness comes at such a low-cost. Starting at the price of just Rs 110, these lip-smacking items can also be gifted to your near and dear ones. Because for whom you care, you usually share with them.
After taking a dive in the ocean of your cherished moments, do not forget to share your experience on haldiram reviews, so that the one, who is looking after your needs, can get some appreciation in return. We can at least do that, Right?

Last modified: December 9, 2015

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Haldiram Nagpur Mouthwatering Winter Treat

  1. Avatar Rajesh says:

    Winters are always celebrated by me and my family. Be it Christmas or Lohri or just another Sunday with cousins, I just love the food part during the season which makes the occasion more interesting. And Haldirams is giving more reasons to stay close with your favourite people and cherish the moments.

  2. Avatar Surabhi says:

    This article literally reminded me of my childhood days and small fights with my sister over the big laddu amongst all. And laddu of winter season are the best, especially gond laddu, which is otherwise considered as a mixture of hot ingredients but cannot be ignored at all.

  3. Avatar Prakash says:

    For me only haldirams is the best.

  4. Avatar Sangeeta says:

    Haldirams is one of the best because of many reasons. Here, you get most of the packed items .The food quality is as per Haldiram standards and i also want to say all the products of haldirams is safe for everyone.So just enjoy your winter with haldirams special winter products.

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