Jignesh Shah, the czar of Financial Markets

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Often called the ‘Innovator of Modern Financial Markets, Jignesh Shah pioneered various developments in stock market that made India, a leading country amidst worldwide trading chambers.Shah established himself on the commandeering post for creating and operating technology-centric financial exchanges that enabled hassle-free exchange trading in India and emerging economies from Africa to Asia.


Jignesh Shah, FTIL, Financial Technologies Group

Mr. Jignesh Shah

Shah holds a degree in electrical engineering that helped him acquire a job as Assistant Manager in the Bombay Stock Exchange. Through his working expedition in BSE, Shah learned the functioning of stock exchanges by travelling across various countries. He gained impressive knowledge while managing trading systems automation along with designing and implementing back end modules for BSE.
To follow his ambitions, Shah left his job to launch FTIL with a starting capital of Rs 5 lakh that he funded by mortgaging his home. The company provided capital markets software to brokers and other participants that led FTIL to grow from five work terminals to a workforce of 5,000. Admirably, FTIL powered almost every major Indian internet site, covering 80 per cent of the domestic base.Shah did not let the success dominate him as he made his big move by setting up MCX, which is world’s largest commodity futures exchange as per the Futures Industry Association. Thereafter, under his sponsorship, a series of stock exchange were developed in Singapore, Bahrain, Dubai, Mauritius and Botswana.
During all the business activities, Shah never forgot to make his contribution to the society.Awards like ’Exemplary Innovation Promoting CSR NASSCOM’s ‘Social Innovation Honours – 2010’, etc are testimony of his deep consideration towards the Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Alone, FTIL created more than a million jobs in the commodities ecosystem via the Gramin Suvidha Kendra programme. However, there is no stopping Shah’s commercial endeavors as he will launch two startups involved in incubation support process soon.

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