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The recent catastrophic disaster of the Nepal earthquake with terrible tremors of as high an impact as 7.9 magnitude, jolts one from the inside out. It pushes you to think in the direction of the medical aid and other facilities required to be given to the victims of the quake. Besides it, the question “What if” strongly shouts in the minds of each one of us. Are we really prepared to deal with the criticalities if such a massive fiasco, if it was to hit, say India? The question leaves one baffled; even the expert seismologists go mum.

And in India, Earthquake is not the sole reason to be demanding provisions & support. Dangerous epidemics, lingering poverty and unhygienic conditions, poor supplies from government are all a big concern.

Relief India Trust NGO is sincerely dedicated to this cause and focuses on providing the lesser privileged section bare minimum facilities like food, housing, clothing, water and medical facilities. It caters to the poor, rural, disabled, seriously diseased or dying chunk of our populace, who fail to make ends meet, by way of community participation, education, awareness, protection & promotion of environment and building of the human capital.

RIT strives hard each day, in all its arenas, towards providing a better quality of life to those who are struggling to make it. Relief India Trust has a complete programming and support, taking up projects like distribution of free medicines, food and clothes to the deprived souls. From time to time, the organization also conducts various community relief camps like health check-up, disability check-ups, blood donation camps, and organ donation camps among others. It also makes it to participate in several campaigns endorsing issues related to development in the areas of child rights, women rights, health, education and the community management of natural resources.

From publicizing the cause of a serious disease like HIV to getting actual academic solutions for child labour turned students, RIT spreads its helping hands far and wide to one and all at the time of need.

Last modified: May 20, 2015

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