Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

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Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

Wait! Before you even bother saying, we’ll admit it for you! Yes. Relief India Trust is an NGO that takes care, we mean good care of children who are differently-abled and sick and work towards making their lives better. We also work for helping the impoverished. No, we are in no way associated with FTII. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have an opinion on a subject that not only is catching the rounds, but also is indicating towards a rotten political system that must be changed. So who is Gajendra Chauhan anyway?

Well, he is the actor who essayed the role of Yudhishthir in Mahabharta by legendary B R Chopra. Did you observe how I used the adjective legendary for B R Chopra and not for Gajendra Chauhan, who has recently been appointed as the chief of the Film and Television Institute of India. He did a fine job in Mahabharata, but that sadly isn’t enough to head an institute that has produced talents like Naseeruddin Shah, Raj Kumar Hirani, Anupam Kher, Om Puri and many such stalwarts. FTII in fact suggested a few names like Amitabh Bachan, Anupam Kher and Aamir Khan to the government. But perhaps Chauhan’s one paragraph CV was way stronger to be competed against.

Relief India Trust simply wants to say one thing to the government, give FTII what it deserves, not what is better for you. Such talent needs to be guided by a right chief.

Last modified: November 18, 2015

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Relief India Trust supports FTII strike

  1. Avatar Bhavya Jain says:

    The best part, the world knows about this. I came to know of this incident from a friend in the UAE. LOL.

  2. Avatar Saarika Patel says:

    A persons merit should be judged on the quality of his work while in office. to judge him on the basis of his political sympathies is not democratic.
    Everyone has a fundamental right to be considered

  3. Avatar Raj Verma says:

    Why Gajendra Chauhan became a so controversial person…

  4. Avatar Aayush Rawat says:

    Relief India Trust is India’s renowned and famous NGO. They are working very hard for poor and under privileged children.

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