Remarkable innovations and discoveries Ancient India gave the World

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Deemed as the cradle of human civilization and the mother of history, India is a vast land brimming with brilliance and talent. It is among the oldest civilizations in the world and has always had a strong base in of science and technology.

Ace industrialist Sanjay Dalmia is not wrong when he proclaims, “An eternity would pass if we start discussing the achievements and innovations of this wonder called India.”

“Be it art, education or literature, the Indian subcontinent has always been the storehouse of talent. It boasts of a magnificence and proficiency that is unmatched in the world,” adds Sanjay Dalmia.

Summing the achievements of ancient India, Albert Einstein once said, “We owe a lot to the ancient Indians, teaching us how to count. Without which most modern scientific discoveries would have been impossible.”

Recounting all what is being said about ancient India’s achievements, let’s take a look at some of the remarkable contributions made by ancient Indians to the world of science and technology:

The Idea of Zero

India has immensely contributed towards the field of mathematics. It is the land that invented the number zero, which makes every calculation possible.

Algebra, trigonometry and calculus

Algebra, trigonometry and calculus also originated in India. Sridharacharya introduced the Quadratic equation in the 11th century. Even the place value and decimal were invented in India during 100 BC, says Sanjay Dalmia, chairman of Dalmia Group.

Binary Numbers

The basic language in which computer programs are written, binary system was also invented in India. Sources show that it was first described by the Vedic scholar Pingala, in his book Chandahśāstra (the earliest known Sanskrit treatise on prosody).

World’s oldest university

Contributing to the field of education, India established the World’s oldest university, Takshila University in 700 BC. More than 60 different subjects were taught there and around 10,500 students from different parts of the world enrolled themselves during the ancient times.

Ruler Measurements

Indians also devised a system of ruler measurement at the time when excavations at Harappans sites were done using yielded rulers or linear measures made from ivory and shell.

Certainly, India has excelled in the field of achievements and innovations. Progressing commendably since the time of independence, the country continues foraying into new realms, reminding the world that it is a power to reckon with, and will always be.

Last modified: December 7, 2018

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