Think With Me: Six Practical Suggestions To Make India A Better Country

India, a nation of growing economy, has immense potential. People from across the world are willing to invest in our country’s assets. However, it is an undisputable fact that India has a long way to go. Issues like nation’s rapidly-growing population, corruption, pollution, education system are still neglected. Saharasri Subrata Roy Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, in his latest Think with me book, talks about initiatives to make India a better country.

Think With me

Fight corruption & black money

Government acquires funds by tax collected from taxpayers. While many salaried employees pay their tax even before they receive salary (through TDS), whereas business owners are allowed to extend tax-payment till they make sales. However, many business owners are dishonest when it comes to tax-payment. As a responsible citizen, we must ask for receipts (with proper TIN number) while buying anything. This is because the un-billed money remains unaccounted which cannot be taxed and thus leads to circulation of black money in the country.

Follow a ‘National Religion’  

The country’s interests are imperative and should always be placed above all religious beliefs. To strengthen the spirit of ‘unity within diversity,’ is it important to follow a ‘National Religion’ which integrates all our religious beliefs, rituals and customs leading to healthy and emotional co-existence. This would do wonders for building a stronger, a united and a much more flourishing India.

Setup Strong Electoral System and Leadership

Strong public leaders are the pillars of every democratic setup and they play a vital role in formulating laws that benefit the nation, just as the common people’s participation in the governance system carries equal significance. Hence, these pubic leaders must be capable, honest and ethical, whose emotional sphere is wide enough to hold people from all sections of the society.

Control Population

Population explosion in a developing country like India has been intensely affecting our system and overall development. Thus, the primary responsibility is to control the rapidly-growing population. For this, family planning programs must be implemented and married couples must be convinced for not producing more than two children.

Education System Requires A Revolutionary Change

In schools and colleges, we attain knowledge on specific subjects that do educate us on practical grounds. Being educated refers to the overall personality development that makes child a better human being. Neglecting the truths of life and the psychological aspects cannot make a person worthy or productive either for self, society and the nation. Therefore, the current education system requires a revolutionary change.

If the people of India unite in the pursuit of these aspects, then surely nothing will remain unachievable! is a good saying in Think with me Book.

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  • Aman Mehta

    great words used by sir subrata roy

  • allu arjun

    Nation is above all religion

  • Ashok Kumar

    Strong public leaders are the pillars of every democratic setup

  • akshay singh

    India needs to improve in the education sector

  • anisha pandey

    It is important for the citizen of a country to keep their nation above all religion

  • charan sharma

    Demonetization was the best step to tackle black money.

  • Manvi singh

    Control in population can only be done through spreading awareness

  • Pia kapoor

    Not only government is the duty of the citizen of a country to fight against corruption

  • Tina Malhotra

    People of India need to unite to make this country a better place to live

  • Andy Singh

    All indians should unite togather and help India grow..

  • Saransh Singh

    India is a land of many cultures.You can always find jolly people around…Being a Indian ,I would always ready to do something for my country..

  • vaibhav ahuja

    India is the best country in this world to visit. It is full of heritage, religious, Adventure, peace and colors…Love the culture and food of India..

  • Surabhi Gupta

    We all indians should take some guidance and help government in making our country a better place..

  • Kajal Singh

    ” To strengthen the spirit of ‘unity within diversity..” One should believe in this quote ..

  • Ayushi Khare

    Help our country grow and develope we all should read and learn facts about it from these suggestions..

  • Aarvi Bhatia

    Very good suggestions given in the book

  • Shubhi Shrivastava

    Population can only be controlled by spreading awareness

  • Kiara Sharma

    I have read this book and found it quite motivating

  • Riya Malhotra

    Following the national religion should be of topmost priority

  • Rahul Walecha

    Strong,capable and efficient leaders are the reason behind a successful nation.

  • Rajesh Nanda

    I think now India is moving towards becoming a greater nation after some important decision taken by the govt.

  • Ishan Verma

    Demonetization is the best decision that government has taken to fight against black money

  • Kashish Khanna

    Old techniques of teaching must be change according to the advancement of the technology