Would India benefit from making military training compulsory?

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India’s military might has grown from strength to strength in the last few decades. The country has focused on establishing a robust defence sector to tackle the increasing hostility from neighboring countries. The integration of advanced technology has further helped the Indian armed forces in combating external threats from in the recent times.The professionalism and discipline of army is something that attracts every individual, but unfortunately the Indian youth have been missing out on a terrific opportunity due to the lack of compulsory military service in the country. On the contrary, countries like Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Brazil, Norway and Iran have made it mandatory for the people to undergo military training and serve in the armed forces.

Russia is one of the countries that have conscription for men, while Israel has the same for both men and women of certain age groups. The best thing about such a program is that it pulls individuals from different backgrounds and religions, and treats all of them equally. It promotes tolerance and eliminates favoritism in a crucial sector like defence.

India would definitely benefit from having young individuals who’ll come with an experience of undergoing military training for a decent time. It would make for a better society, where citizens are responsible, healthy and disciplined. As an individual, one would be able to make up for the lack of moral education, civic sense and dismal education system across certain places in India. The country may also be able to bring the crime rate down and combat the issue of internal security challenges in the long run.

Recently, the shortage of army officers has come up as one of the most serious issues in the defence sector and making military compulsory is being seen as the only possible option to tackle the issue. When it comes to war preparedness, especially in the situations similar to the recent faceoff with China and prolonged rivalry with Pakistan, making military training compulsory will go a long way in strengthening the roots of the Indian armed forces.

At this juncture, this is probably the reason why even the Indian army was recently considering to allow the young professionals to join the force for 2-3-year tenure. Such a service would also be distant from a permanent job in the armed forces, which entails pension and other such benefits. There are a large number of countries that have benefited from this model, not only militarily, but financially as well.

The military training is not limited to shooting and ammunition handling. Such a training would create a hub for skilled individuals, who would even volunteer to help during the emergencies or natural disasters. The concept of selfless service instilled in the mind of a young individual would promote collective growth, respect for authority and self-reliance. Thus, it would be fair to say that the time has probably come to involve the young generations in the defence sector and avoid missing out on a life-changing opportunity.

Last modified: November 24, 2020

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