A Glimpse at the Dauntless Life and Achievements of IRB Infrastructure MD Virendra Mhaiskar

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IRB Infrastructure Owner Virendra Mhaiskar has been a pivotal figure in the development of India’s Road infrastructure. The dauntless life of this 41-year old has taken IRB Infrastructure and Development group to apex verticals. As the Chairman and Managing Director of the infrastructure company, Virendra Mhaiskar faced major setbacks that tried challenging his vision. However, he took the challenges head-on and continued focusing on projects to achieve timely completion without any compromise.

Virendra Mhaiskar holds a diploma in Civil Engineering from Shriram Polytechnic, Navi Mumbai. The IRB CMD earned the experience of 17+ years in the industry of construction and infrastructure. The ever so confident infrastructure magnate has made a huge contribution in the establishment of road constructions, new businesses, and BOT projects in India. He is the mastermind behind the overall vision that leads IRB Infrastructure & Developers.

IRB Infrastructure is an integrated Indian firm that is into the business of infrastructure development and construction. The company has prominent experience in the sector, dealing with highways and tolls roads. It is by far the greatest private development firm with a hold of 18 BOT projects, out of which 12 are already under operation.

However, taking the stairs of success wasn’t so easy. Virendra Mhaiskar was confronted with the most challenging obstacles on his path to success. Nevertheless, with firm determination he got rid of the disputes. The most recent incident happened when IRB experienced a slowdown due to protests carried out by some people with alleged political connections, opposing toll payments. Mhaiskar overcame the hurdles by focusing on the ongoing Ahmedabad-Vadodara BOT project.

In contrast to the strategies of other infrastructure companies that soon forayed into different sectors, IRB kept its focus stable in the area that it was good at – building and maintenance of roads. At present, with the leadership of Virendra Mhaiskar, the company is counted amongst the largest road development authorities of India with total assets worth Rs 20.4 billion. Besides road infrastructure, IRB Infrastructure has also managed to bag an airport project in Sindhudurg, Maharashtra.

Despite the downfall, IRB managed to rebound with the new government and its focus on infrastructure sector.

Considering the strong portfolio of IRB Infrastructure, the company is in good position to acquire a few projects on the government’s revival of project awards in road development segment.

Last modified: February 27, 2017

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A Glimpse at the Dauntless Life and Achievements of IRB Infrastructure MD Virendra Mhaiskar

  1. Avatar Shivam Gupta says:

    Seems it is just because of the strong will and passion of IRB MD Virendra Mhaiskar that the company today has become one of the biggest private firms to be actually constructing highways in India.

  2. Avatar Aarti Pahwa says:

    We all need to learn from him. It is true that every business or stream has its own ups and down. Overcoming everything with a positive attitude is always the way forward. India definitely needs more visionary businessmen like IRB head Virendra Mhaiskar to take our country to new heights.

  3. Avatar aradhya kapoor says:

    I feel Virendra Mhaiskar is not just building his empire but also building the country. We have high hopes from leaders like these in order to improve the road conditions in India.

  4. Avatar Riva Tiwari says:

    Nothing comes easy in life. It is all about fighting the obstacles and achieving your gaols. Learned this lesson while reading about IRB Infrastructure Owner in this article. Very inspiring!

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