IRB Infrastructure Aims to Improve India’s Roads with BOT

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Virendra Mhaiskar Irb Infrastructure ownerThe quality of a nation’s infrastructure is a significant index of its economic vigour. However, there are a number of factors like population explosion and increasing infrastructural demands that lead tolack of funding and deficits on the part of the government. Anew way for financing infrastructure projects has come up. It is called BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer). IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd, a leading name in India’s infrastructure sector, has made its mark in constructing, operating and maintaining BOT projects worth around Rs 284,928 million till date.

BOT, a method of successful implementation of infrastructure projects, is based on the idea of investment or participation in investment. In BOT, financing and construction of a project is delegated to a private or foreign investor.It is, basically, a type of project financing arrangement in which the responsibility of building and operating an infrastructure project lies with the private sector. However, the ownership of the project is usually transferred to the government.

The success of this method depends on aspects like government support, use of strong and experienced consortium, political, economic and legal stability, prioritization of projects, and distribution of risks amongst the involved parties under the BOT contract.

Coming back to IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd,the impressively huge BOT portfolio of the group includesa number of successful projects. The Khambatki Ghat BOT Project is worth Rs 450 million, the Bhiwandi Wada BOT Project costsRs94.50 million and the Kaman Paygon BOT Projectis valued at Rs 144 million; these are amongst IRB’s major BOT milestones.

Headed by Virendra Mhaiskar, IRB Infrastructure is currently working on various multi-million BOT projects, such as the Ahmedabad Vadodara BOT Project, the Goa Kundapur BOT Project, the Solapur Yedeshi BOT Project, the Yedeshi Aurangabad BOT Project, the Kaithal – Rajasthan Border BOT Project, and the Mumbai Pune (Phase-II) Project.

Under the guidance of Virendra Mhaiskar, IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd has been working on projects that are spread across six states in India. With such world-class infrastructure in place, India will surely have miles of good roads that connect the country’s important business hubs.

Last modified: April 12, 2017

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IRB Infrastructure Aims to Improve India’s Roads with BOT

  1. Avatar Cheshta Aggarwal says:

    IRB Infrastructures are doing a highly impressive work. I have been to one of their projects and let me tell you the
    quality of roads is just great.

  2. Avatar Laxmi Jain says:

    Our country was actually way behind the standards some 10 years ago. But companies like IRB Infrastructure developers have really done a good job to raise the standards.

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