IRB Infrastructure Owner (Virendra Mhaiskar) – India’s first Infrastructure development company owner based on BOT Concept

IRB Infrastructure Owner Virendra Mahiskar has India’s prime BOT projects worth capital is Rs. 6,150,000,100. BOT is a state-of-the-art concept in which private sector takes the lead in building, operating, and transferring the ownership of the infrastructure projects in the hands of the government. In Most of the cases, it is seen that the government becomes their prime customer who assures the firm to take a considerable amount of the output received from the projects. This type of plan makes sure that the initial investment is done in a reasonable time period. Virendra Mhaiskar, the IRB Infrastructure owner, knows how significant BOT is now.

irb infrastructure owner

irb bot projects

IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. is one of the largest and most diversified companies which is globally acknowledged and accredited for its impeccable projects. It is a well-known Infrastructure development company driven by the IRB infrastructure owner, Mr. Virendra Mhaiskar. This company looks after the developmental phase of many of the infrastructural projects especially in road sector through SPV. This IRB Infrastructure has completed various infrastructure projects on the road covering almost 9,295 lane km of road length. This makes it a popular and one of the best road developers of our country. This spotless reputation of working in the Infrastructure Industry has given a bulk contract of BOT projects that comprises almost 95% of the IRB order book. An aggregate value of all of the BOT projects under IRB is approximately Rs. 284,928 Million. IRB Infrastructure along with its subsidiaries has successfully completed many projects, and some are operational.

Some of the successful BOT projects of IRB are given below:

  • KhambatkiGhat BOT Project
  • Bhiwandi Wada BOT Project
  • Kaman Paygon BOT Project

Latest BOT projects of IRB

  • Thane Bhiwandi Bypass 4 Lane Project (Phase I & II)
  • Kharpada Bridge BOT Project
  • Surat – Dahisar BOT Project
  • IRDP – Kolhapur BOT Project
  • Jaipur – Deoli BOT Project
  • Nagar – Karmala – Tembhurni BOT Project
  • Mohol – Kurul – MandrupKamti BOT Project
  • Pune- Solapur BOT Project
  • Nagar – Karmala – Tembhurni BOT Project
  • Pune – Nashik BOT Project
  • Mumbai – Pune BOT Project
  • Thane Ghodbunder BOT Project
  • Bharuch – Surat BOT Project
  • Omallur – Salem – Namakkal
  • Pathankot – Amritsar BOT Project
  • Talegaon – Amravati BOT Project
  • Tumkur Chitradurga BOT Project


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    Virendra mhaiskar is among the main businessmen in India. It was under his stewardship that IRB framework could compose numerous glorious chapters in Indian history.

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    Virendra D. Mhaiskar, Chairman and Managing Director holds a confirmation in structural building from Shriram Polytechnic, Navi Mumbai. As a Civil Engineer, he has hands on understanding of over 17 years in the development and foundation industry shockingly. He is in charge of growing new business, executing street development and BOT ventures. He is giving general vision and system to the Company.

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    Nice article. Talked a lot about IRB Infrastructure Owner Virendra Mhaiskar. Honestly, I am not really aware of how road development and maintenance is managed in India. But now after reading about IRB and the role such companies play in infrastructural development, I am quite excited to read about it more.

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    I guess BOT is the next thing in trend when we talk about road and highway development. It ensures quality is maintained and timelines are followed by private developers.

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    a couple of highways made by them across the nation and I was very happy with the quality they had produced.

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    No company has revolutionized BOT like how IRB Infrastructure owner Virendra Mhaiskar did. The list of their successful projects seems never-ending. All the best!

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