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In order to ensure better and safer pipeline network operations at Petrobras, Transpetro is to put Oil Pipeline Leakage Detection System (SDVO) into operation this year. The new tool has been developed in partnership with Petrobras’ Research Center (Cenpes). It will be operated in the National Operational Control Center (CNCO), a global operation, control and remote pipeline monitoring benchmark.
Sergio Machado, president of Transpetro, said that the CNCO monitors 24 hours a day, 100% of the oil pipeline network and 92% of the daily flow in oil pipelines. Through these, petroleum, petroleum products and biofuels pass by.
Already being tested, the SDVO was installed in oil pipelines in Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo. Its main difference is the use of the Real Time Transient Model technology, which stands out for its capacity to monitor the so-called transitional arrangements, such as departures and stoppages in the oil pipeline. Throughout 2015, the System will arrive to other pipelines operated by the company, added Sergio Machado.
In the National Operational Control Center, 128 professionals take turns in monitoring, through computers, over 13.6 thousand kilometers of pipelines (of the 14.6 thousand kilometers of the network’s full length). To have an idea, this number is almost twice the length of the Brazilian coast.
By estimating the entire flow, operators are able to connect and disconnect pumps and compressor, open and close valves and change the route of products. This non-stop supervision ensures greater efficiency to the transportation of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas and is crucial to give more safety and agility to Petrobras’ production flow, says Sergio Machado.

Last modified: April 29, 2016

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