Brazil has emerged as a fine investment option, says Sergio Machado

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For Ages, Brazil has been recognized as a country famous for its coffee and football team. But the South American country has added another feather to its cap, that of being a rewarding investment option.  The country, whose economy has been through crests and troughs, has now attained the much needed stability. And with inflation figures trembling down, it is being touted as a powerful economy. While Brazil had been at a pinnacle with its splendid shipping industry during 1980s, the subsequent fall had forced the country to limp towards development. But with time, things have started shaping better, says Sergio Machado. Brazil is looking stronger than ever. Its GDP amounts to USD 1.7 billion, which is almost 40% of Latin America GDP and in 2010 was 7.1% of the world’s GDP as calculated by IMF. For a population of 193 million people, the country has a strong reserve of USD 200 billion.

Sergio Machado remarks that with political stability holding on to a strong ground, Brazil has leaped up in the list of one of the most favorable investment avenues. Brazil had had democracy for over 25 years in a row. The country is peaceful as it has no frontier or ethnic conflicts.

Economists and analysts anticipate that at current growth rate, Brazil could be bigger than any European economy by 2026.

Brazilian economy commands a lot of respect as of now. It is world’s biggest iron ore producer, largest coffee, sugarcane, fruit juices, soybean, meat, chicken and leather exporter. Brazil also has one of the finest shipping industries in the world, courtesy the revival of the industry by Sergio Machado.


Last modified: July 12, 2016

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