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Both the countries are growing rapidly, with increased GDP than last decade and state-of-the- art everything. Still, the success is not valued without any failure. There are some parameters where the one overpowers the other and both lacks something at some point.

Both the countries are in a cut-throat competition at the moment, where China is leading at many steps and don’t even consider the country as its tough competitor, which gave shelter to a chunk of its natives just 2 years after its new birth.

One side of the coin: India is lagging behind in many fields as compared to China, education and technology being the primary concerns. China on one hand is focusing on cheap manufacturing of temporary items to be sent to the developing competitor India, on the other hand, the same country is manufacturing quality products for developed Nations like the US to keep it at an advantageous position or whatever be the China’s secret motif.

Second side of coin: Since the start of this decade, India has shown the signs of growth more than China and its quarterly GDP growth rate has depicted the same. Where India is taking 1% to 2% jump at once, China is striving with 0.1%, according to recent data. Call it Modi power or people’s realization that it’s time, India is doing very well from last few quarters that that day is not far where India will overpower China. On the other hand that day is certainly very far, maybe a decade or a century. Another drawback in the Chinese economy is the shortage of young age, due to which the Dragon had to take back its one-child policy to balance the Nation’s dependent and independent ratio.

The unseen third side of the coin: Both the countries are going through a marriage crisis at the moment, preference of boy over girl contributing majorly to this part. 2 decades ago everything was sorted but today and males born at that point of time are reaching marriageable age today, unable to find a ‘suitable match’. It’s a tough time for both the countries, which have beliefs like ‘institution of marriage is important as being a part of this society’. As a result of fall in the fertility rate, younger girls end up marrying elder men, which is not helpful in maintaining the balance, according to some.

Well, both the countries have their pros and cons along with a few crises, which they need to look after in order to win the final race.

Let’s see which one outshines the other!

Last modified: January 27, 2016

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