FTIL’s social initiatives make a huge impact in Mumbai

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Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FTIL) is the global leader in creating and operating next-generation tech-centric financial exchanges. It includes a network of five exchanges and two eco system ventures. The company drives a mass disruptive innovation that is unparalleled in financial markets. Within a short span of time, it has emerged as one of the leading conglomerates and established benchmark of excellence in its field.

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Raising the concern of bringing about wide-scale changes into the deteriorating environmental conditions, FTIL ensures various Corporate Social Opportunities. The company strives to ensure social well being by combating the prevalent issues.
In order to spread awareness about the need of environmental friendly practices, the company organized a slogan-writing contest on the World Environment Day. Participants were to write on the theme of “Every day is Environment Day”.
FTIL employees participated in the contest with great fervor. To bring home the issue of depleting green cover, the slogan writing contest focused on how every human being can contribute to a greener environment. The company also encouraged its employees to wear green clothing to show solidarity to their case and reiterate their commitment to Mother Earth.
FTIL organized an e-mail campaign based on the theme of ‘Think.Eat.Save’ on last year’s World Environment Day too. It was aimed at creating awareness on the environmental, economical and humanitarian impact of food waste and ensuring appropriate measures to prevent food loss.
The 7th Annual Blood Donation Drive was also organized by FTIL on June 14, 2013 as a part of its Corporate Social Opportunities. The drive that was run in association with the Rotary Blood Bank BSES Hospital had collected 209 units of blood.
The same year, FTIL also participated in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon to champion the cause of Mumbai Mobile Crèches, which ensure the welfare of underprivileged sections of society, provide health facilities, education and safety.
FTIL has certainly brought about a major change in the environmental conditions and is committed towards making this world a better place, which is well evident from its aforementioned noble initiatives.

Last modified: October 1, 2016

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