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There’s more than it meets the eye when you’re talking about lead generation. Business leads are made up of individuals with aspirations, thoughts, and a specific personality that most lead generation executives often ignore. It’s why they need to create a ‘buyer persona’, a term that visualizes a fictional person that’s ideal for a specific product or service of a company.

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Lead generation experts from Connecting All India explain that psychographics are important if you want to create an accurate buyer persona. For those who don’t know what psychographics is, it is defined as the study of consumers’ attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria. These benchmarks are used to measure the performance of a service offered by a company.

As an example, consider the polls in-between YouTube videos. These polls usually ask you if you have heard of a particular product offered by a company or not. The poll records the response and the public contact details of the YouTube users. The response is used to create a report that points out the human attributes a service/product favors.

Hence, a poll that features different higher education courses like MBA, M Tech, and LLM will map the aspirations of different people. It will also gauge if older people still aspire to get a new professional degree. Other than customer surveys, one can use Google Analytics to get psychographic data. Google Analytics breaks down the audience of a site into age groups and interests, however, it does not provide clear leads.

Once the trends have been noticed by lead generation experts, they can use social engineering to extract quality leads from willing netizens. Because of the psychographics, these leads can be classified with different tags. A 25-year-old young professional from Gurgaon can be accurately categorized into a database for software developers. Similarly, based on his interest in software and computers, he’ll be proximate to the ‘gamer’ tag.

Lead databases made with the help of psychographic profiling serve best for advertising. You can use this method to create a personalized database of your own and provide them to different organizations for a fee. Ensure that the individuals/organizations are aware of your practices and can pull their name out of the database if they feel uncomfortable.


Last modified: November 5, 2018

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