Increased migration to Northeast Brazil indicative of a new dawn, remarks Sergio Machado

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Famous Brazilian poets including Patativa do Assaré have, for long, in their poems, lamented for having left Northeast Brazil and migrate to South. Their constant desire to go back to their native land has been clearly expressed in their works. And perhaps this has led to a focus shift among people. There has been an increase in the number of people who are migrating to Northeast from Southern regions. This has majorly been spiked because of the growing development in the ‘long neglected’ region, says Jose Sergio de Oliveira Machado.

As per recent figures collected by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there has been a decrease in the migration of people from North to South but on the contrary, the case has been reverse. The Northeast has the highest return of migrants. As per Sergio Machado, these stats indicate that there is a new emerging Brazil; a Brazil which has less of disparity and more of unity.

The Northeast and other regions are being provided with new development plans which will facilitate employment and income, thus, changing the lives of millions of Brazilians.

This transformation has been possible owing to the political decisions taken by the Lula Government, for which, development of this region was a major concern. The government decided to expedite the development and take it to a whole new level of extensiveness. Petrobras, for example, is investing in structural programs in the Northeast. This is being looked at as Petrobras’ contribution towards development of the Northern region and helps improve the economic stance of Brazil. The wider emphasis is on making the Northeast self sustainable. In this wake, a keen focus is being laid on developing the education system and strengthening the employment options.

The financial and infrastructural development needs to be in sync with the social development of the people, says Sergio Machado.

Last modified: February 3, 2016

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