Insight of Digital India and Budget 2016 with Slanzer Technology

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When the Union Budget 2016 was presented in the parliament, numerous industry experts appreciated the same for being ‘beneficial for all’. The nine pillars’ concept is being praised for infusing every possible aspect contributing in Nation’s development.

Insight of Digital India and Budget 2016 with Slanzer Technology

Insight of Digital India and Budget 2016 with Slanzer Technology

Slanzer Technology is glad that its aim to digitize India, which is already aligned with Make in India initiative of the GOI, has been highlighted in the Union Budget this year. The gadget accessory expert talks about digital literacy, which is a wide term that covers all the aspects related to the knowledge of handling digital devices like smartphones, computers, tablet PCs and Internet usage.

Slanzer Technology Pvt Ltd appreciates the way Union Government has proposed to take certain steps to cover about 60 million houses in rural areas in approaching 3 years and provide digital devices, including computers, tablet PCs and smartphones, and Internet usage facility across the Nation, to work on the digital divide across the Nation.

The company experts also analysed that no hike in indirect tax rates, till GST’s implementation, is an advantage for the investors in the industry. And the proposed 25% decrease in the corporate tax for new manufacturing units may help in generating more job opportunities and promote the industrial activities, another observation by Slanzer Technology.

Even the way Kerala has been declared first Indian state with 100% mobile density and 75% e-literacy rate, it raises the bar of expectations among numerous industrialists. Slanzer is optimistic that other states will also follow the footsteps of Kerala and contribute in making the whole India, a digitized Nation.

The commendable step taken by the Union Government to cater the dire need of electricity and ensuring digital literacy in these areas comes under the National Digital Literacy Mission for Rural Households, which will provide a majority of people an easy access to information.

Slanzer Technology’s experts are hopeful that more initiatives would be introduced by the government of India to make the digitization a common phenomenon across the Nation.

Last modified: March 5, 2016

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