Pioneering special child care: Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

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Differently-abled children need special medical care. Special Child Centre at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon is dedicated to cater the healthcare needs of such children. The Artemis Special Child Centre (ASCC) was established in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing specialized professionals and therapists to attend to differently-abled children.

artemis hospital child care
The team of doctors at Artemis Hospital Special Child Centre works towards achieving the maximum potential in children with special needs. The centre is known for its Neurodevelopment Therapy (NDT) and Sensory integration/processing therapy. The neurodevelopment therapy works on the age appropriate activities the child cannot perform, such as walking with a bag, writing with a pencil or daily activities like brushing, bathing or dressing up. On the other hand, the sensory integration/processing therapy is aimed at helping children ‘make sense’ of the world around them. The therapy encourages the child to develop flexibility, functional vision, sensory processing, postural control and alignment, speech and language, attention span and social interaction among other things.
Special Child Centre at Artemis Hospital Gurgaon offers services like sensory diet (a carefully planned program of sensory motor activities to improve attention, eye contact and focus of the child), handwriting training (use of adjuncts like grippers to help the child write), auditory integration (to help the child filter important information) and nutrition OPD (diet plans designed specifically to promote the physical and mental growth of the child).
Child care specialists at Artemis Hospital Special Child Centre are skilled at early detection and early intervention. They are the most dependable team if a child is showing delay in milestones, faces difficulty in eating, walking, speaking or performing age-appropriate activities, or has issues with vision and find it hard to copy from the blackboard. The centre could also be contacted if a child is suffering from conditions like AUTISM, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Learning disorders, Torticollis and neurogenic problems like Polio.
Every child is gifted. They just unwrap their packages in different ways and at different times. Differently-abled children are special. Child care experts at Artemis Hospital strive to give them the special treatment that they deserve.

Last modified: July 3, 2017

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Pioneering special child care: Artemis Hospital Gurgaon

  1. Avatar Amie Mathew says:

    Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon offers high end medical treatments at reasonable cost. The hygienic environment and skilled staff ensure the well-being of their patients. From my personal experience, Artemis Hospital is the best healthcare centre in Gurgaon.

  2. Avatar Neha Sharma says:

    The movement challenges of Autism like- holding a pencil too hard, or wrist bent forward, are often neglected in the treatment perspective offered by the Occupational therapist or Physical Therapist working with children with ASD. Originally, NDT was developed to enhance the function of adults and children who have difficulty controlling movement as a result of neurological challenges, such as cerebral palsy, stroke, and head injury but it has found great success with Autistic children. NDT sessions also educate parents or caretakers on how to handle, carry or position a child so that it encourages normal muscle tone.

  3. Avatar Aryan says:

    We should feel lucky to have this kind of hospital in India. Above mention services that offer are really good for every child.

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