The Golden Namesake of Rajesh Exports: Rajesh Mehta

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Simple living, high thinking isn’t just a random quote to some individuals. There are many people who actually walk the talk rather than make stray references. We’re talking about Rajesh Mehta, the chairman of Rajesh Exports, who operates a multi-million gold export business from a modest office. His simple-mindedness compounded with productivity has boosted the revenue of Rajesh Exports from Rs 8,187 crore to Rs 25,653 crore.

Rajesh Exports is considered to be the leader in exports of gold and jewellery in India with a total capacity of 25 tons. Despite the staggering figures, you’ll rarely see Rajesh Exports featured in news columns. Rajesh Mehta isn’t your average tycoon-in-suit who loves showing off his milestones. He believes in growth and extending his resources rather than investing in the extraneous.

Rajesh Mehta started small by borrowing a sum of Rs 2,000 from his brother and a loan of Rs 8,000 from the bank. He bought silver jewellery from Chennai and profitably sold them in Gujarat. He later learned about the Gold Control Act that incurred manufacturing restrictions on gold jewellery. This wasn’t the case with exports. He, therefore, visited the United Kingdom to seal various jewellery deals that promised the UK traders with timely deliveries and lucrative prices.

The principles of Mahatma Gandhi have been a big influence on Rajesh Mehta’s management skills and how he runs Rajesh Exports. He says, “My inspiration comes from a family that’s running a restaurant or a shop. They work hard, they stretch their resources. The idea is to bring in that attitude in a big company”.

It’s true to a certain degree that big brands house many vices and a disorganized approach to various activities. Rajesh Mehta wants to develop a centralized model that is well-connected and resourceful. However, it has its downsides in the form of overburdening work. Rajesh Mehta works 18 hours every day, which leaves his team with only the execution of plans. Along with his brother Prashant Mehta, Rajesh Exports’ managing director, he works with dedication and consistency to push the company further in the market.

Last modified: April 18, 2017

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