Sandeep Chhabra shares quick secrets for keeping gleam of jewels intact

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Being in a limelight, earning compliments, drawn attention are few attributes every human would take joy in, but to maintain that charm calls for an effort. Skin treatments and beauty solicitude are in the priority list still beautification takes place in precious stones. Wearing shining ornaments with a dash of charisma enumerates the personification and requires little care to go on with for which Sandeep Chhabra and Sanjay Chhabra details out certain tips and tricks as fine jewelry tends to lose its glitter over a period of time due to dust and pollution.

Motisons Jewellers highlights that some drops of detergent in lukewarm water, a gentle stirring hand and a bit of sodium-free carbonated water or club soda can be used to clean gold ornaments. In case of soft and pretty pearls or turquoise stone, composition of mild detergent with warm water is sufficient followed by wiping each pearl separately and laying it flat to dry. When it comes to precious diamonds or gemstones, soaking in warm water along with one-two drops of ammonia based household cleaner is required, thereafter use of soft bristle toothbrush to remove residues can be continued. Not to forget a thorough rinse in plain water and drying in open is necessary post cleansing.

Certain aspects need keen consideration while reviving sheen of jewels i.e. harsh chemicals and cleaners shall be avoided as they may cause harm. Also, paper towels or tissue papers should not be used while cleaning gemstones as they can be scratchy. Perhaps ammonia though is strong cleaner is not preferred to use regularly due to its caustic effect.

As these delicate darlings needs extra care and maintenance, a regular glass cleaner which comes handy may be adopted to simply wipe out the dirt, tarnishing the elegance. In addition, toothpaste mingled up with water is the most accessible formula to lower the grime accumulation on gold pieces.

Last modified: May 6, 2016

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