From Nurali Aliyev to Serik Zhumangarin and Nurzhas Makishev, all are talking about Kazakh startups

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Kazakhstan is coming up as a major influence in Central Asia in terms of the development initiatives, and the sheer tech-oriented interest of its citizenry and its government. With focus of Nurali Aliyev The solemn landlocked nation is now developing itself to shape up as a regional hub for IT startups.

The country which recently hosted Technovation, an international woman based tech challenge in confluence with Zhanartu is trying to emulate the success of Silicon Valley in Central Asia through some massively funded projects and a quiet hope for the future.

Commenting on startup based developments, Nurali Aliyev stated that ‘Up and coming startups and development initiatives can help boost the economy of the nation. And while we push for IT development, we must also look forward to strengthening our education infrastructure to bolster interest in IT’. Nurali Aliyev is the founder of the Tech based charity Zhanartu through which he supports IT in rural schools and startup developments in the nation.

The history of Tech based initiatives in Kazakhstan can be charted back to the first internationally pitched initiative where a few Kazakhstan startups explored the South East Asian waters by participating in the Echelon 2014.

Despite a slightly skewed perception of the country internationally, Kazakhstan also hosted Techconnect – the largest tech conference in Central Asia in the year 2015. The event which brought 300 startups and investors together with 1,500 visitors from the region sure set the tone for further events. From Techconnect & Echelon the nation has come a long way from participating in competitions and challenges to becoming a regional hub for Crypto currency startups and organizing women-centric tech conferences.

In addition to the support from Private investors and startup enthusiasts, Kazakhstan is also seeing avid support from its administrators. Vice Minister of National Economy Serik Zhumangarin stressed it is necessary to bring into sync science, business and startups. “It will help improve quality of business and create new projects and startups. We are also planning to introduce a new instrument – acceleration – to support startups. This instrument supports business through mentoring, training, financial and expert support.”

Apart from the private initiatives, Kazakhstan has also organized a meeting dedicated to the problems of digitalization. The meeting which is chaired by President Nursultan Nazarbayev kicked off in Astana on 13th September. The event is organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan together with JSC “National Information and Communication Holding “Zerde”. An exhibition showcasing over 30 IT projects of government agencies, national companies and organizations has already started within the framework of the meeting.

Nurali Aliyev expressed hope around the changes and added that the direction of country’s approach towards digitally sound economical maneuvers will help Kazakhstan reduce its dependency on its oil and gas reserves and still improve the lives and stature of its people.

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