The advantages of using BOPP Woven PP bags over the traditional paper bags for packaging

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The increased usage of BOPP laminated Woven PP bags in the packaging industry has been in trend lately. From the packaging of daily staples like rice and flour to pesticides and fertilizers, these bags come in handy and their application is multitudinous. Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd, one of the pioneers in the packaging industry, produces a wide range of BOPP/WPP bags and strives to ensure environmental sustainability by using as much renewable energy sources as possible during the manufacturing process.


Fertilizers and seeds, mainly used in moisture-laden soils, when covered in the traditional multi-layered paper bags, are more prone to leakage and damage which will waste their entire purchase. The BOPP laminated WPP bags are not only cheap and draw better customer satisfaction, but are light in weight with excellent moisture and tear resistance.

The BOPP Extrusion Laminated WPP Bags by Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd are sturdy in quality, possessing better shrinkage property, sealability and twist retention which makes them a preferable choice of bags for packaging of flour, sugar, seeds, fertilisers, pulses, etc.

Graphics superiority

The smooth, ultra-thin BOPP film surface of the bag not only protects the products but serves as an ideal graphics ‘carrier’ allowing it for the best quality images to be printed on it. It ensures quality maintenance of the products as well as great graphics for business promotion increasing the marketability of the brand.  With the traditional paper bags, both durability and graphics can’t be acquired; either one of them should be compromised with. But that is not an issue with BOPP/PP bags anymore.

Moisture and water repellant

Since printing is done on the back side BOPP film, it maintains the quality of the graphics because we have to penetrate the film in order to get to the print. Thus the barrier protects the graphics from getting scratched or rubbed. It also prevents other substances like oil, water or grease from getting into the bag which can possibly damage the products inside. The reverse printed bags by Bankey Bihari Packaging Pvt Ltd are done with excellent bonding, ensuring integrity of the products.

The multi-wall bag industry for packaging is gradually being taken over by the BOPP bags. The glossy print of the BOPP film on top of its thrifty pricing and solid strength gives it a better shelf life thus making it a preferable choice of bag for packaging.

Last modified: August 23, 2019

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