Beauty tips for brides to be – By Shweta Sachani

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The wedding season is just around the corner. And most brides to be must be busy with last minute preparations for their big day. Makeup Artist Shweta Sachani has got some bridal tips you need to look your best on your wedding day. It’s important for the bride to feel like ‘a million dollars’! Your wedding day makeup should reflect your personality, enhance your features, feel weightless and comfortable and last all day long. Instead of following the crowd, try some new bridal trends this season.

Shweta Sachani - Bridal makeup

For a glowing skin 

– Drink lots of water. Make time for yourself and indulge in the treatments from two months or at least six weeks before the wedding day. But remember that overdoing the treatments may lead to damage.

Shweta Sachani glowing-skin

Protect your skin from sun 

– This is a definite must, especially because you will be going out a lot for your wedding shopping. Never go out without a sunscreen and reapply after 2 or 3 hours to keep the skin damage free.

Shweta Sachani - Protect your skin from sun

Get enough sleep

– Sleep for at least 7 hours each day to keep those under eye circles out.

Shweta Sachani - get-enough-sleep

For Acne

 – If you have an oily skin which tends to be attacked by acne and pimples, look for a face cleanser with salicylic acid. It removes oil and keeps skin oil free for hours.

Shweta Sachani Get-Rid-Of-Acne

Use Waterproof makeup  

– Especially waterproof mascara that will make sure your beautiful eye makeup doesn’t smudge. Avoid using creamy products; instead opt for powder blushes and mineral foundation.

Shweta sachani waterproof-makeup


Avoid Bold colors 

– Natural makeup is classic. Opt for sheer foundation, soft eye makeup and soft pink lips.

Shweta Sachani - Natural Makeup

Choose the right lipstick

– Choose a long wearing lipstick for the D day. You don’t want to apply it every hour.

Shweta Sachani - Long Staying Lipstick

Artificial eye lashes

– Use only if you are comfortable wearing them. If your eyelids are heavy, your eyes may frequently water during the ceremony.

Shweta Sachani Artificial eye lashes

Touch up your makeup

– Keep a compact and blotting paper handy so that you can touch up your makeup.

Shweta Sachani - Touch up your makeup


Last modified: September 17, 2015

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