Grooming tips which are a must for your roka

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So you are one of those who always said that she won’t marry? The one who braved an old worn out dress at her brother’s sangeet despite her mom’s outrage? The one who got a bob cut just a day before her graduation class photograph? Then you are definitely the one I am talking about. And if you are not the one doing all this, even better, we are more in tune. The common thing is that we are all getting married sooner or later, and we may accept it or not but we do like the idea of getting married.

Indian weddings have a unique flavour which is very difficult to dislike. Mehendi, jewellery, lights, cameras, home flooding with relatives (and half of them you don’t know), choreographers, laughter and yes of course, makeup.

Shweta Sachani - Roka ceremony 2

Roka Ceremony

So you are going to be a bride and I can bet on this that you often worry if your makeup will be in sync with your wedding dress and jewellery. It is really hard to find a makeup artist whose tastes are like yours and who understands what you want to look like.

This saga of right makeup starts right at the very first occasion, rokka. Rokka is like the first impression and as it is often believed that first impression is the last impression, rokka becomes very crucial. Moreover, the occasion marks the beginning of a new phase of your life and so it ought to be special or maybe more than that.

Shweta Sachani - Roka ceremony

Considering this, I have dedicated a video which will guide you to groom yourself for your rokka. I have used Makeup India product range for everything, right from the face to lips. Here is a glimpse of my video. To get more updates on the video, use of products and my special makeup tips, keep following.

Shweta Sachani - Roka

Shweta Sachani – Roka (Before and After)



Last modified: September 15, 2015

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