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In my last post, we talked about how this bridal season is going to be all about glitters and Arabic eye makeup. In the video, I have given my bride a beautiful makeup for her Roka ceremony. I have used all professional products from her base to her eyes and lips. These products are high definition (available at all Makeup India Outlets as exclusive range by Shweta Sachani) and will give her a long lasting makeup.


  • Firstly, it is very important to clear the face with a cleanser or makeup remover.


Shweta Sachani



  • Use of primer on the face and eyes is essential because this will give her a flawless long lasting look.


shweta sachani


  • Bridal is all about bold colors. Go pinks and reds or corals if you have an olive skin tone. For eyes, I have used a combination of pink and blue which match with the colors on her lehenga. I have used a lot of glitter that will brighten up her eyes and will make her eyes look bigger.


shweta sachani


  • Contouring is done on the cheeks to make her face look slimmer and cheeks more chiseled.


shweta sachani


  • A waterproof mascara is very important to complete her eyes. I don’t mind using some artificial eyelashes to make her eyes look fuller and heavier.


shweta sachani


  • It is very important to balance the look. If I have done heavier eyes, I usually go light on the lips. So I have used a light pink to complete her entire look.


shweta sachani



  • In the end, I used a Makeup fixer spray to make her makeup last longer.


Hope you like it.


For the complete video you can follow this link on my YouTube channel – ‘Shweta Sachani’



Last modified: September 15, 2015

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