Vibes Matter: Benefits of Reiki for zodiac sign

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We are sure that you’ve heard how much it matters to be surrounded with positive energy as it heals your mind and body spiritually. Reiki is one such form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing. It is a traditional Japanese practice that promotes healing and decreases stress. Emerged in the late 1800’s, the therapy requires a Reiki master who uses his knowledge and transfers universal energy from his palms to the body in order to calm it. Here we will provide you the most accurate and stirring astrology online predictions.

Starstell brings you the mix of Reiki and astrology as we study the online horoscope predictions by our experts. So, the question which will interest you even more is can Reiki and Astrology work together?

The answer to that question is, yes. Every sign possesses different energy and it is necessary to detox your body from the negative energy hampering your spiritual calmness.

At this astrology site, we will tell you how some sessions of Reiki for your sign can heal your body’s energy.


This sign is ruled by the planet Mars and you often find yourself stuck in irritable situations. This might lead you to lose patience and you might require a fine tuning of your energies.


Well, we all enjoy a laid back day but when your energy becomes stagnant, you can be quite lazy. Reiki practice can help you align your energies and free up those slow-moving cells. Since you live for the moment, this will excite your spirit.


Take it a little easy, life can be hard sometimes and it’s completely alright to be indecisive. If have a hard time fulfilling plans or decisions, using Reiki to cleanse your energy can increase your concentration.


Mood swings? Erratic behavior? Sound familiar, right. For you Reiki will not only balance out your moods but will also refresh your energy.


You are the happy-go-luck one, but when your energy becomes inactive or sluggish, your natural charm is diminished, and you might feel a little low. Reiki could be a way to get your zest back.


You like to work hard but don’t push yourself too hard. You’ll know when to schedule your next Reiki session as you won’t feel productive or self-assured as usual.


You have an energy of a social butterfly with a passion for beauty. For you, cleansing your mind is essential and you may feel irritable or stuck. Reiki will lighten your mood and increase your life-force.


There is a depth in your thoughts. There is an edge to your energy. The problem for you arises when your energy gets muddied. Reiki will help you retain that depth by filtering your mind.


You have a sparkling freshness but it might be difficult to hold it at one place. When you become easily distracted or frenzied, going for a Reiki session can bring you back to your core.


For you, it’s all about being responsible and having a traditional approach to life. Cleansing your energy through Reiki can bring your rooted personality back to its natural state with a breath of freshness.


Being an air sign of the zodiac, there is a high chance that your energy can become scattered. Reiki can help you clean that fanatic energy and place your thoughts in order.


Daydreaming is your favorite hobby which might keep you away from the reality. Reiki will provide you a reality check and will help you bring back your focus.

Last modified: October 17, 2019

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