Role of tipper trucks in the Indian mining industry

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BGR Mining, formerly headed by Rohit Reddy bathina, has received 350 P410 tipper trucks from Scania, the Swedish truck and bus maker. Since 2007, the Indian subsidiary of the company has been the premier choice of construction and mining machinery for the mining sector.

Tipper trucks, better known as dump trucks, are used to transport lose materials like lose rocks, gravel, sand, etc. Mining sites have certain areas, which are inaccessible unless lose materials are loaded off. Tipper trucks are used in sites like open-pit mining where they are responsible for depositing the lose material at a certain site or area. The storage space is at the back, supported by pistons (generally hydraulic) that tilt the space front the front so as to dump the lose material.

The process of material transportation is a crucial aspect of a mining project and tipper trucks have been known to streamline the same since the last decade. As a result, the global market presence of these trucks in areas like Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Middle East, Africa and South America has enhanced over a period of time.

Furthermore, BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) has been the leader of tipper trucks purchase as the machinery directly contributes in the expansion of the respective country’s infrastructure.

Scania has played a pivotal role in the Indian mining industry with the creation of a dedicated fleet management system. This system allows the monitoring of driving behavior, fuel consumption, tipper idling time and tipper positions. As a result, it becomes easier to monitor the fuel emission of the trucks in accordance with the government approved emission limit.

Since the demand of tipper trucks is expected to increase, companies and government have been trying to develop an alternative fuel option (electric, bio gas or hybrid). However, the chances of bio-diesel tipper trucks is highly anticipated by the market in the next 5 years.

Last modified: December 17, 2018

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Role of tipper trucks in the Indian mining industry

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