Rajeev Mittal and RK Associates, the work behind feeding a million mouths in India’s trains

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Building the legacy of food on railways – RK Associates’ Rajeev Mittal outlines the success of RK Associates and Hoteliers and Comesum in Railway catering

Railway catering has undergone a major change over the last decade. Earlier, train passengers had a limited range of food options served at the railway station, which if you forfeit would result in a binge on chips and station cart foods. However, a passenger centric focus in the last few decades has changed that notion. From railway coming up with their own pantries as well as local catering contractors pitching in, railway now boasts of relatively better nourishment. Railway contractors like Comesum by Rajeev Mittal, Otik Foods, Rail Restro came into the picture to service a giant industry. The sector which has surged manifold over the years, in terms of both revenue and capital intensiveness has created an outlook for better train journeys.

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Off of these catering contractors, Comesum and RK Asssociates carves a special niche. From a small restaurant in 2002 to one of the leading railway eatery chain, Comesum has come a long way in providing food to weary travellers. Today, it has an unrelenting patronage and support from the customers.

Attaining commendable success in terms of food quality, Comesum adopted a new concept of multi-cuisine restaurant, a 24×7 camping nonstop eating junction. It has progressed at a considerable pace and carved its niche in the Indian catering business.

It values the individual tastes and preferences of its patrons above everything. With more than 34 multi-cuisine restaurants, Comesum enjoys a formidable presence across the country. It has collaborated with a number of reliable food caterers, leading restaurant and food chain in various parts of the country.

Commitment to service, quality and value is the hallmark of the restaurant. It looks forward to maintain consistency in serving the highest quality products, to be recognized as one of the leading food chains in the country.

Comesum owes its success to its dedicated team of skilled staff, which has helped the restaurant in staying ahead in the business. The team is committed to total customer satisfaction by identifying their specific tastes, and delivering them quality foods in fresh, hot and best conditions.

According to Rajeev Mittal, the director of Comesum Restaurant Pvt Ltd, it is the persistent efforts and dedication of the management and staff which have helped the company in realizing its commitments through the wide variety of foods, innovative cuisine, quality, fast and exceptional service, and creative presentation.  All the employees are provided with the opportunity to take up new challenges for realizing their complete potential. Rajeev Mittal firmly believes that people become responsive to change by gaining experience and overcoming individual challenges.

Comesum has always had a very high focus on product quality for ensuring complete customer satisfaction. As a part of its expansion plan, the company collaborated with the IRCTC for providing food to passengers at rail premises. This association proved to be a milestone in the growth and success of the restaurant.

Talking about the expansion plan of Comesum, Rajeev Mittal stated that the company is working on a lot of new things, with the major aim of facilitating passengers to book meals of their choice in trains, stations and anywhere in India. He announced the expansion of its catering business line to more than 200 stations in venture with Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation Limited.

Comesum is also looking forward to launch over 200 Comesum Rasoi through the company-owned store in the upcoming months. With this move, the company is sure to widen the horizons of India’s railway catering sector.

Last modified: August 20, 2018

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