Comfort amidst the crisis – NGO working for senior citizens comes to the rescue for elderly

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NGO’s like VridhCare, Helpage India & Care for Ours have been working on their toes to help the elderly people during these challenging times.

The challenges of coronavirus outbreak differ across various socio-demographic groups and mainly the most vulnerable ones such as the elderly are getting the hardest blow. With the added concern of being more susceptible to Covid-19 and moreover being cooped up at home for months amid the lockdown, many senior citizens who usually seek companionship in fellow old aged people to accompany them to community parks or recreation centres, are facing overwhelming challenges in their lives. The case is no different for those living in old age homes as well. Many of them are distressed of being unable to meet their near ones.

What is worse is the fact that many of these old age homes are barely managing to keep their neck above water with most corporate firms, from where they usually get funds and donations, shutting down temporarily. Old age homes in UP, for instance, have witnessed a decline in almost 80 percent of funds during the lockdown. Thankfully, several NGO working for senior citizen have been stepping up to do their bit. So, it is rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Role played by NGOs in the lives of senior citizens during Covid-19

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Care for Ours, a local NGO working for senior citizen, has been providing free medical facilities including pick and drop service in ambulance to the elderly people of Hisar who have been living alone. Considering their difficulty in getting out of homes to purchase medicines, the facility has undoubtedly come as a lifeline for them. Furthermore, VridhCare, a Delhi-based NGO working for senior citizen, has been making copious donations at retirement homes to help them tackle the pandemic. From covid-19 preventive items and groceries to daily essentials, it has been making wide-ranging donations to old age homes and NGOs like Earth Saviour and MIW Foundation.

VridhCare also offers infrastructural support to other NGO working for senior citizen with regards to health, education, skill building and more through its partnership with other corporate firms. Similarly, HelpAge India recently initiated a campaign called #SaveOurSeniors with an aim to raise funds for elderly people who live alone and are struggling with bread and butter issues.

Considering the plight of those who are in fact entitled to having the best of their twilight years, medical experts have requested families to stay connected with their elderly kin through video calls on a frequent basis – the best we can do at this point in time. These are unprecedented times we are living in and it is deeply saddening to see the senior citizens dealing with a severe blow. All it takes is a phone call or a few minutes of company to help them fend off loneliness and depression in trying times like today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Which NGOs are working for senior citizens?

A-NGOs like Helpage India, VridhCare, Care for Ours, Abha Abhas Old age home are working hard to give quality life to the senior citizens.

Q-How are NGOs extending help to elderlies?

A-All the NGOs are extending the helping hand in different forms like clothes, medical help, food donations, shelter etc.

Q-How can we contribute to an NGO working for senior citizen?

A-The contributions can be done in various forms like electrical appliances, medical necessities, groceries, household necessities and hygiene stuff. You can visit to contribute part.

Q-What is the admission procedure of senior citizens in these NGOs?

A-NGOs like VridhCare is doing a great work by arranging and providing shelter to the senior citizens who are abandoned by their families as they are highly prone to the Coronavirus.

Q-Are the living facilities at these NGOs good for senior citizens?

A-Yes, NGOs working for senior citizen try their best to provide best possible support to the elderlies at their place.

Last modified: July 14, 2020

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