Akshaya Patra Eliminating Malnutrition

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akshaya patra eliminating malnutrition

Akshay Patra Foundation aims at achieving a right growth for children. The Foundation aims at improving child nutrition in the country via implementation of its Mid Day Meal program. As UNICEF states that 1 in 3 of the world’s malnourished children lives in India, eliminating malnutrition becomes a matter that needs utmost urgency. The Akshaya Patra Foundation is taking an initiative towards a much needed reform.

The Mid Day Meal Initiative motivates children to continue on the path of literacy. Otherwise, they are required to turn into labor to earn their bread and butter. This further enhances their academic performance while improving their health. The initiative is funded by Akshaya Patra Donations.

Steps taken by Akshaya Patra Foundation towards providing adequate nourishment to children:

A mid day meal has to be effectively devised in order to meet a growing child’s everyday nourishment needs. Freshly cooked foods are a mandate to attain proper nutrition. Dry rations lack in nutritional content and thus, should be avoided. Food containing adequate amounts of vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals should be distributed.

Sambhar in South India and pulses in North India are appropriate to be included in the meal as they contain high nutritional value. Vegetables like sweet pumpkin, green beans, potato, okra, tomato, carrot and drum stick are essential ingredients of Sambhar. Alongside freshly cooked rice, roti and curd, it serves to be a perfect meal for kids and meets the government norms of required nutritional value in mid-day meals.

Akshaya Patra Kitchens ensure high standards of cleanliness and sanitation. The foods are cooked using highly automated processes. From preparation to delivery, hygiene is well taken care of. The Foundation ensures a good taste that promotes good health.

Over 78% of parents across various locations affirmed that the health of their children improved as a result of being served Akshaya Patra mid day meals at school.

The promise of tasty, wholesome meals brings the students back to school every day, allowing them to complete their education. As educated youth is the future of our nation, it is a vital step towards economic growth being taken up by organizations like Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Last modified: October 27, 2015

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Akshaya Patra Eliminating Malnutrition

  1. Avatar raj kumar verma says:

    Akshay Patra started a go initiative to remove malnutrition. And this mid day meal initiative will definitely motivates the children go to schools. Akshay Patra is doing great in their end.

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