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Photography Contest “Click A Smile” by Akshaya Patra

A smile is the most beautiful ornament on any human which enhances his or her beauty in an instant. It not only brings people close, it also melts the hearts. A smile is not just an expression, it’s a gesture, it’s a feeling and it’s a symbol of connection with the other person. The most innocent smile belongs to children who laugh their heart out and don’t think twice before showing their teeth off.
The Bangalore-based not-for-profit organisation, Akshaya Patra took this initiative, to bring a smile on each child’s face, to a literal level. Although it tries best on its part to do the same with the help of its Mid-Day Meal Scheme, where it fights with social evils like malnutrition and hunger, but conducting the annual photography competition to ‘click a smile’ is the motivation for rest of the world to do something for those who find happiness even in the small things.
Akshaya Patra is back with Click a Smile, which was a huge success last year as the competition witnessed more than 1,400 participation crossing the Indian borders. Kanick Samuel, Suresh V.B. and Vicky Roy will be judging the talents of professional and amateur photographers. They are not only professionals in the field of photography but also a Senior Creative Director of JWT Bangalore, worked with O&M for almost a decade after graduating from CKP and photo documented the historical reconstruction of the World Trade Centre in 2008, respectively.
The doors of opportunity are open for all age groups and people across the national borders too, as it’s an international Competition because Akshaya Patra believes that talent has no boundaries. The rules and regulations of the competition are easy to find on
People, who want to showcase the unrecognizable smiles on a huge platform, shouldn’t wait till December 22, 2015, which is the deadline to participate. The best thing is if you think you have many beautiful smiles which need acknowledgement, you can submit up to 3 photographs.
Akshaya Patra would not be only rewarding the top three winners but will also showcase top 50 masterpieces from the competition at Akshaya Patra annual photography exhibition, with all credits to the name behind the camera.
The opportunity is worth grabbing to not only mark your presence but also acknowledge all those smiles which are, as mentioned above, genuine and innocent.

Last modified: April 5, 2017

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Click a Smile

  1. Avatar Anurag Jain says:

    I have participated in the contest.. When will the results be declared?

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