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“Sow much, reap much; sow little, reap little,” a famous quote I follow as a principle in my life, correlating it to Karma. If there is anything more disturbing in life than your own problems, is the fact how someone else is reacting to the same problems and is out of them and you are still stuck with your own. All of this hit me much harder recently when Jammu & Kashmir was going through the atrocity and everyone joined hands to help them. Even I decided to, but wanted to be sure of where I was giving away the charity so it would be put to use the best way possible.

While researching I came across and NGO called National NGO, based out of Delhi, much closer to my house. After reading the reviews I decided to go visit it personally and I liked what I saw. They work really hard for it to make it work for people and make life simpler for people who struggle due to monetary issues, physical problems, etc.

They have a charitable dispensary being run in Tuglakabad where doctors ensure medical aid all the time to people in near by areas who cannot afford medical help. There is also a physiotherapy centre run in the same vicinity to help people in need. They sponsor education for children who cannot afford it but are keen to study and make their lives better. They run campaigns wherever needed and a donation drives to collect money to support their initiatives other than individual help that people do.

The latest one being a team of doctors sent to J&K for medical aid with clothes, medicines, re-habilitation kits and tools, etc. when I visited their office, I myself saw people flooding in donations with so much trust and when asked, they showed me live feeds of  their work, other than facebook posts and pictures not only their team, but others had posted on their page. The dedication level I saw there was extra-ordinary. I felt a need to contribute after seeing the enthusiasm and concern this team had. I would sure recommend it to people who want to donate for a genuine cause.


Last modified: March 7, 2015

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