National NGO held a special celebration for kids this Teacher’s Day

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Teacher's day at National Ngo

Teacher’s day at National Ngo

Teachers have always commanded an important stature in the Indian culture. Be it Guru Vishvamitra or Guru Dronacharya, they were all respected beyond measure by their students. India still holds firmly to that tradition. Every year, on 5th of September, we commemorate one of the finest teachers on his birthday, Dr. S Radhakrishnan. This year National Ngo made the celebration all the more special for their students.

Students and trainers, all were exuberated and got together to commemorate the second President of India, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. The event by National Ngo began with trainers explaining the significance of the day to the kids and emphasized on a healthy interactive bond between teacher and student. In this regard, personal experiences and anecdotes were shared by the trainers with the students. The celebration saw STQ Chairman, Mr. Saif Ahmad Khan as the chief guest.

A Teacher lays the foundation of the future for the country. It is the teachers who forge up a country brimming with talented youngsters, ready to take on the competitive world. Every successful man owes a major part of their success to their teachers. No wonder the ancient Indian scriptures place teachers above gods. Teachers’ teachings, ideologies and their words inspire most of us to break free from the chains and accomplish our dreams. It is perhaps one of the most respected bonds in the world; a teacher and student’s.

Once the trainers at National Ngo were done explaining the significance of the day to the students who listened to it with rapt attention, a surprise awaited everyone; a cake to mark the specialty of the occasion. It was a fun filled time, brimming with music, karaoke, speeches, song and dance performances and other such activities. Mr. Saif addressed the gathering with his wise words and inspired everyone present. He elated about the intellectual influence the teachers had on him in his early years. The celebration concluded with students gifting pens and pendrives to their trainers.

Last modified: September 18, 2015

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National NGO held a special celebration for kids this Teacher’s Day

  1. Avatar soniya bajaj says:

    One of the best NGO… I believe… doing great work…. I want to give 10/10 for their outstanding work in favor of humanity. National Ngo is the best

  2. Avatar vaibhav sonkar says:

    National NGO is helping needy kids by providing fund for them. I really really Really like their work and the time they take out to care for the needy. When I suffering some websites of different NGOs then i saw the page of national NGO I really appreciate their work according to me this NGO is one of the best NGO ever that I saw.

  3. Avatar uday kohli says:

    Absolutely right, a special celebration for kids this Teacher’s Day. It should happen every year because this kind of celebrations is motivating children to go school.

  4. Avatar md. rahat says:

    I have worked closely with these guys. It’s a very good organization name called national NGO.

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