National NGO pledges support to visually impaired

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‘                     Blessed are the ones who have a tenable spirit to steer them through the life.’

save the questNational Ngo, in association with its partner NGO, Save the Quest, is organizing a White Cane Day Walk as a tribute to the visually impaired people. The walk will take place on 15th October 2015, starting at 9 am from SRCC, North Campus, Delhi University.

Have you ever though that normality can be a bit of a disadvantage at times? Think it this way, you have almost everything in life you would need as a human. This simply means you wouldn’t have to struggle much unless you have some exotic desires. So where does that leave you? It leaves you leading a life that lacks purpose for the major part of it. The curve is pretty straight for you. This normality turns into a curse when we don’t realize its value. Your vision of looking at the world is rather regular. And then we come across few people who are special.

They don’t have eyesight to view. They might be disabled but still special. That’s because their life is a struggle at every step and full of purpose. So who is blessed? The ‘normals’ or the ones who are differently abled? The walk has been organized by the NGOs to pledge their support to the undying will power of these visually disabled people.

Every year on 15th of October since 1964, United States of America has been observing the White Cane Day Walk. This is done so as to celebrate the achievements of people who are visually impaired. A white cane is symbolic of independence for these people; hence the name White Cane Day Walk. This walk organized by Save the Quest is inspired by the day celebrated in USA and aims at sensitizing the people, especially youth of Delhi towards visual impairment.

Amandeep Singh, Founder, National NGO said that White Cane Day Walk will be done in a good spirit. It is to show the NGO’s support to the visually disabled people. These are the people who display valor all throughout their life. They may not have eyesight but they still have a vision. It is this vision that keeps them alive and makes them strong. They deserve all the respect in the world. National NGO supports such strength.

Last modified: October 20, 2015

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