Relief India Trust urges Delhi to gear up for Dengue

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Relief India Trust urges Delhi to gear up for Dengue

Relief India Trust urges Delhi to gear up for Dengue

Post monsoon is the perfect breeding times for Dengue inflicting mosquitoes. Delhi has already been gripped with this fear. The number of Dengue cases is on a spike. There aren’t enough beds in hospitals to accommodate patients. This has led to a phase where 2-3 patients are forced to share beds. Relief India Trust requests Delhi to take charge of the situation. Prevention is always better than cure. And with a disease like Dengue, this is certainly paramount. The problem should be dealt at the root cause. The mosquitoes shouldn’t breed in the first place. The government since long has been apprising people of the ways with which they can keep Dengue disease to a bay but maybe people and civic authorities have turned a deaf ear to this. And this is costing us a great deal.
Relief India Trust has taken enough care to make sure the kids at our centers are shielded from the disease. They are being made wear full sleeves shirts and use mosquito repellant creams. We have also made sure there is no stagnant water anywhere near the center. This is what each one of us needs to do. NO stagnant water! We will also try to spread more awareness among people and will help the patients by offering medical assistance possible.

Last modified: September 18, 2015

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Relief India Trust urges Delhi to gear up for Dengue

  1. Avatar Shreya Saha says:

    You cannot blame only Kejriwal Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Government for all this "DENGUE" MESS as BJP Controlled Municipal Corporations.— Shreya Saha (@ShreyaSaha8) September 18, 2015

  2. Avatar Merry_Phillips says:

    BJP Controlled Municipal Corporations are equally to be blamed. History is witness to the fact that LORD CLIVE “DIARCHY” did not work, how could ” TRIARCHY” ( Central State Municipal Corporations) can succeed?Let NCR region be under Central Government with a Cabinet Minister to administer it.

  3. Avatar Rozovelt Linja says:

    B.J.P did not protest Kejriwal over Dengie issue.But congress protested against Kejriwal.But even though i am not from A.A.P it is very difficult for the new government to change the system.These were all brought to stand still by sheela dixit rule and now A.A.P has to work very hard for improving the hygiene and good hospital facility but will take time provided if they govern really.

  4. Avatar arora says:

    Very bad state of affairs in Delhi, AAP is a total failure , it doesnt know how to govern.

    1. Avatar Shubh Dhiman says:

      BJP will not let them govern in peace. In Indian politics it is easy to create a choas.

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